Fishing Range Map

Derby Boundary Map

  • Fish inside Santa Monica Bay areas as mapped only.
  • Between the two MLPA zones that boarder SM Bay.
  • The north edge, Point Dume SMR, starts at the base of Paradise Cove Pier.
  • The south edge, Point Vicente SMCA, starts at the Terrace Trail head off of Pacifica Del Mar.
  • See description in the Derby Rules section 13 for the GPS coordinates.


The Derby fish for consideration includes only:

  • Halibut – (25% weight bonus for releasing live Halibut)
  • White Sea Bass
  • Yellowtail
  • Lingcod
  • a “bag” of up to five (5) Calico Bass. (Alive)

MDRA encourages anglers to use circle hooks so that fish that are undersized can be released with the least amount of damage and trauma. We encourage use of IGFA recognized & approved fishing techniques with one exception, we allow the use of a trap hook on the halibut rig. The trap hook must be embedded into the tail of the bait.

See the 2018 Derby Rules – Section 5 for more details.